Stuffed animals and sentiments

Stuffed animals are not really real
dead animals filled with some kind of stuffing; in fact they are just replicas
of the real animals made for the amusement of children.

Stuffed animals are generally a child’s
play toy and they introduced to them at the age of one or more that is because
they can sometimes be hazardous to very small children or infants. Although
these stuffed toys are lifeless things they possess a very sentimental value
for their users. There exists a certain kind of attachment between the stuffed
animals and its owner that prevails for a very long time even after that child
grows up. This is because these toys provide comfort to kids during their
childhood and they share almost every feeling with these toys. These
connections can be seen in photographs where nearly every child is seen
clutching stuffed animals, holding them hugging them and maintaining a physical
connection with them.

As a child grows older the stuffed
animals starts getting replaced with friends and pets but still sometimes the
people are seen longing for their stuffed toys in times of sorrow and despair. People
tend to keep their stuffed animals although they know that they won’t be using
or needing them anymore this is because after all those years of companionship
it is difficult to suddenly part ways so people just store them deep in their
closets or in attics.

Sometimes sentimental people also
collect these stuffed animals and they keep them in their bedrooms even when
they get to college, they also encourage their friends to give them stuffed
animals as gifts on occasions such as birthdays and Christmas so that they
could keep on increasing their treasure.

A funny example of such partnership was
shown in a famous Disney Show Hannah Montana where a girl who is nervous on her
first day of High School takes her childhood friend which is a stuffed animal
with her to school. She kept it in her bag and took it out to comfort herself
when she felt nervous.

The famous comedy character Mister Bean
is also known to keep a tiny stuffed teddy bear with himself, this teddy bear
is the sole companion of Mr. Bean and he takes it with him where ever he goes
either it is a picnic, a Christmas part, the disco and even the men’s

Stuffed animals
are a symbol of love, sensitivity and passion. These toys are usually found
with people who possess these attributes also these toys can be considered as
the most faithful honest and everlasting companions a person can find.