Supermarket Management 2

Where do you go ever day to buy some stuff to eat? To the nearest shop I
suppose, no matter whether it is a big prosperous supermarket or a
small shop. The more important thing for you is what kind of service you
will meet there. Have you ever thought of what a hard work it is to
serve the customers quickly and keep them happy to keep them coming
back? But Supermarket Management 2 is not a book on retail
management it is just a game, where you have a chance to penetrate into
the supermarket life as its owner.

and managing an upcoming retail outlet is no easy task! I hope the
main heroine- Kate, who has just come back after working in the huge
supermarket for a while, understands it either.  As she decides to open
her own tiny shop with one employee, she needs your help and your
talents,  and perhaps your business experience and wits to succeed in
retail industry and turn her small shop into most successful
supermarket in the entire city.

If you’ve played other time management games, then Supermarket Management 2 will
be instantly familiar. You control Kate, an aspiring supermarket owner,
who must race around the shop, stocking shelves and serving customers
to keep them happy. The more they satisfy the more earning you get.

In Supermarket Management 2 life
follows the ordinary scenario – customers enter the store, take a cart,
and go straight to different selves in order to buy something. Kate
should monitor the shelves all time because the empty ones make the
clients angry.

early levels are easy, and the customers are not that demanding, but
later levels become increasingly hectic. The best strategy is to keep
Kate moving.

has to go back and forth while helping her customers find the stand
with desired stuff or sometimes  serve  them near other stands playing a
sort of mini-games, for example  to select the right product by
observing the facial expression of a customer.

mini-game as well as the others is familiar to you from the
predecessor, and albeit the mini-games are rather fun they do not strike
or surprise you very much.

Good and helpful thing in Supermarket Management 2 is that you can hire assistants who will perform certain tasks, such as cashing up, preparing cakes or refilling stands.

Unlike most games in Supermarket Management 2 you
don’t have just to complete the level having earned some amount of
money but you’d better finish a level in expert time and control whether
the carts are in their place and stands are completely refilled at the
end of a level to get more coins for this.

will be able to purchase unique upgrades, and helpful assistants not 
for money you earn in each level, but rather for coins. So work quickly
to get everything done, cause high race is typical for time management

the main game looks okay. It’s done in a cartoon style. Graphics are up
to the mark, there’s nothing to complain about. Overall, Supermarket Management 2
isn’t a terrible game, but it is not a great game, either. But hardly
the genre veterans will be tickled pink by the greatness of complexity
level of Supermarket Management 2, and even newcomers may hardly fail.