Tesco Broadband: Are you Considering Signing Up to Tesco Broadband?

This article guides you through the processes and options available to you when considering signing up to Tesco Broadband as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

Unlike a handful of providers, Tesco does not own its own network.
Its broadband connection is run by Cable and Wireless, the global
communications giant. Cable and Wireless provides Tesco with as much as
20Mb/s in speeds on their ADSL2+ network using the numerous BT exchanges
that cover around 85% of the UK population. Any connection that is not
made on this network is managed by BT on the much slower ADSL

On Tesco Broadband, the average speed is 8.1mb/s.
This is in-line with the numbers released by Ofcom in their latest speed
reports for ADSL2+ connections.  So, anyone on the same technology as
Tesco uses can expect speeds of 3mb/s at the lowest, and 10mb/s under
ideal conditions.

What is in the Tesco Broadband Package?

all Tesco broadband packages, the subscriber gets unlimited downloads
and a Technicolor wireless router with 4 Ethernet Ports.  The subscriber
can also call the UK call centre on 0844. This call can cost as much as
6.5p/min, and a further 5p for each call made from a BT line from
Monday to Friday. Calling this centre is cheaper during the evenings and
on weekends.  You will get a 12-month contract as standard but, if you
choose to, you can get a 30-day rolling contract.  To get the 30-day
rolling contract, though, you have to pay a 40-pound connection fee; but
you cannot get this 30-day rolling contract on the broadband-only

Basic Package Option

The basic
internet-only package from this provider will cost you £16 a month
including your line rental with the provider you are with at the
moment.  People who are not on the Tesco network can get broadband for
£20 a month.

Additional Phone Call Packages

packages that have phone call packages included can start at 6 pounds a
month. When Tesco’s line rental, which is valued at £14 a month, is
added, the amount climbs to £20 a month. On this package, you will be
able to call UK landlines in the evening and at weekends, free of
charge. If you prefer free calls at any time of the day, you’ll be
required to pay £10.50 pounds monthly for the broadband.  Added to the
line rental fee, you will have to pay £25.40 a month for the whole

Internet Security Package

If you
want Tesco Internet Security included in the package, you have to pay an
extra £2 a month. The internet security comprises of firewall,
anti-Virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, browser protection and parental
controls.  You also have access to the Tesco broadband accessories shop,
where you can purchase power line network adapters, as well as
voice-over-IP phones that can be used for making calls using your
broadband connection.

A few important points to keep in mind about Tesco broadband

of the main reasons why people sign up with Tesco is the cheap prices
that they advertise. They offer some of the cheapest prices – based on
adverts alone – but, as you have seen above, their prices are not as
cheap as marketed.  After you have added the line rentals, setup fees
and even the internet security fees, etc., you are back to what others
are paying on other bigger brands.  So, if your major reason for
considering using them as your broadband provider is down to the cheap
price, you may want to have a rethink.   They’ve not done much wrong in
the way they’ve gone about marketing their offers, but it is better you
sign up with a provider that tells you the exact amount you are expected
to pay, instead of one that would only tell you 10% of the price,
leaving you to see the remainder for yourself when the final bill is

in a bid to keep prices down, Tesco supplies routers that are not
exactly garbage but not top-notch, either. If you are only going to use
the router with an Ethernet cable, then it may not be of great concern
to you. If, on the other hand, most of your connections are done
wirelessly, you may have a problem getting signals in some parts of your
house. Again, even though they throw in the router as a deal-sweetener,
it doesn’t truly belong to the customer. Read through your terms and
conditions to see!

This is one major
consideration you must think of before you decide to pay for any of
their packages. If you are not living close enough to an exchange, you
will find that your speeds will always be at the lower end of what is
permissable.  This makes it hard for individuals sharing the connection
to enjoy it. Various reasons have been given for this slow speed. Some
think it has to do with their inability to cope with the number of
subscribers on their network, while others feel it’s just down to
negligence and poor infrastructure on their part. Whichever it is, just
ensure you check properly to see what speeds are in your area before you
sign up.

is another point safely tucked away in the terms and conditions: they
market their packages as unlimited but, in reality, it has a 100GB
limit. The reasoning behind this is that it would be very rare to see
someone go above the 100GB limit in a month, and they are right on this
one. Only very few individuals go above 100GB in their data usage, and
the majority of these heavy users are on much faster connections, like
the 100mb/s offer from Virgin Media, and not on a 10mb/s connection. All
the same, just bear in mind that the limit is 100GB for each month.

essentially only have one package on Tesco – the other ‘packages’ are
simply the subscriber making a choice on which call plan he should add
to the broadband deal. So, people who want faster packages and higher
download limits cannot get them, as everyone gets basically the same
thing. Their offers are, however, very good for people who want a
straightforward internet package.

So, Tesco Broadband is a good choice as long as you take out time to decide that it is exactly what you need.