You Cannot Beat Bissell Carpet Cleaning Products

Bissell carpet cleaning has a name that goes back two centuries. So what is it about the bissell 3750 that makes it one of the best?

The origins of the Bissell Carpet Cleaning Products are in a family shop, and the need to solve a problem. The problem was removing sawdust from a carpet. Melville Bissell is the man who created a solution. He designed and constructed a carpet sweeper machine that he hoped would put an end to the problem once and for all. His design was a great success, and word of his invention spread quickly by word of mouth, and carpet vacuum cleaners were born.

The modern Bissell upright vacuum cleaners such as the Bissell 3750 include a range of tools and accessories for cleaning most surfaces in the home. Most of these carpet vacuum cleaners also have cunning designs to cope with stairs and other hard to clean places in the home.

The Bissell 3750 upright carpet vacuum cleaner are not hugely expensive compared to many other upright carpet vacuum cleaners, but many customers believe that they are worth every penny. Many wouldn’t trade their Bissell Carpet Cleaning products for anything else.

The use of bag less and Hepa technology is great for cost saving, because cleaning bags can prove to be expensive over the life of a carpet vacuum cleaner. Hepa technology removes over 99% of dust mites and allergens from carpets and floors, and are especially good for asthma sufferers or people with dust allergies.

Bissell have developed a number of other significant house cleaning tools as well. The Bissell Steam Mop for example, uses steam to clean and naturally disinfect floors with nothing but water. The absence of chemicals is a great benefit, especially to those who have allergies to some cleaning agents found in many home cleaning solutions.

Another Bissell product, the Bissell 1200B SpotBot can remove new or old stains irrespective of how long the stains have been present. This cleaner can work on different types of stain too, including wine stains, juice stains or tea and coffee stains.

The Bissell Steam Cleaners are particularly useful if you have pets in the house, especially if those pets have not been house trained. The steam is an effective cleaning agent, but also safe to use for family and for your pets too.

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